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Industrial Adhesive Tapes

A range of heavy duty adhesive tapes specialized for manufacturers and converters of packaging materials

Splicing Tapes

High performance, High Tack, double coated adhesive tapes in transparent and coloured versions for high speed splicing of difficult-to-adhere-to substrates in the paper, film and foil converting industry.

PTFE (Teflon®) Tapes

High Temperature and High Friction resistant extruded and skived PTFE teflon® tapes with silicone adhesive for roll covering during extrusion coating and laminating of flexible substrates.

Flexographic Plate Mounting Tapes

Double Coated Rigid and Cushion Tapes for mounting flexographic printing plates onto cylinder presses.

Splicing Tapes for Corrugated Board Manufacturing

High Tack and High Temperature resistant double coated tapes for splicing during corrugated board manufacture.

Permanent / Removable Adhesive Tapes

Double Sided Adhesive Tapes with differential adhesion; one side for permanent bonding, other side for clean removal or easy re-positioning.

Repulpable Tapes

Single and Double Coated tissue tapes with water dispersible adhesives for roll tabbing and splicing of large paper rolls in paper mills. The tissue carrier and the water dispersible adhesive break down during the waste paper recycling process to avoid contamination, well known as ‘stickies’.

Teflon® Registered Trademark Dupont


Industrial AdhesiveTapes
Industrial AdhesiveTapes
Industrial AdhesiveTapes