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Medical device manufacturing
Van der Waals forces (or van der Waals’ interaction), named after Dutch scientist Johannes Diderik van der Waals: is the sum of the attractive or repulsive forces between molecules (or between parts of the same molecule) other than those due to covalent bonds, or the electrostatic interaction of ions with one another.

“Mechanisms for adhesion include both mechanical adhesion and specific adhesion. Mechanical adhesion occurs when the adhesive flows into the texture of the substrate. Specific adhesion includes electrostatic forces, van der Waals forces and acid-base interactions that take place between the adhesive and the substrate. In the case of acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives, the intensity of the bond typically increases over time. This growing degree of ‘adhesive strength’ occurs because of the long time it takes for the adhesive to flow onto and into the surface texture, and for the adhesive polymer to align with the surface to create the interactions.”
KENOSHA is the only truly specialized and independent provider of adhesive materials and related services to IVD and Medical Device manufacturers. 
25 Years of experience and know-how in adhesives, films, lamination, construction and protective, barriere packaging. Our single location provides to customers worldwide, enabling concentration and of organized, valuable knowledge.
Specialized in backing cards and cover tapes for Lateral Flow Assays.
IVD Research & Development: succes is determined by focusing on core competencies, all else should be outsourced to specialized partners.
KENOSHA will drastically shorten your product to market cycle time. Speed is of the essence. If too much time is spent developing, the opportunity quickly fades and the project may never see the daylight.
Adhesive films – microplate sealing – optically clear adhesive films microfluidics films – precision cut materials – lamination – protective packaging – lateral flow backings – cover tapes – filtration media – membranes – porous films – and much more for one-stop-shopping.
KENOSHA was founded in 1997 to offer customers unique adhesive tape products that solve problems and improve manufacturing processes.  We offer non-standard, custom adhesive formulations and laminates specific to our customer’s need or application.
This is achieved by means of lamination, printing and die cutting.  Our company’s focus remains the same as from day 1 – to provide custom-made products that fulfill demanding customer needs in a timely and cost effective manner.
A product today often requires so many production steps that the competences required are seldom under one roof.  Through our network of partner manufacturers, each with their own specific expertise and technology, we can offer our customers a “one-stop-shop” advantage.
From our central facility in the Netherlands we supply to a global customer base without sales-agents, directly to the user of our materials.
Our expertise: special adhesive formulations, technologically advanced engineered plastic film substrates and specially constructed laminates. By combining the unique properties of individual materials, we create materials with combined advantages. This enables manufacturers to develop unique products aimed at profitable niche markets. Other fields of expertise are in barrier films for protective packaging of moisture and light sensitive products.
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