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Backing Cards Starter Kit

Convenient Backing Card Starter Kit for Lateral Flow Assay Development

Convenient Backing Card Starter Kit for Lateral Flow Assay Development

KENOSHA offers a Material Starter Kit which holds main components of Lateral Flow and Flow Through Assays. Kenosha can supply all these components separately as well.

A broad selection of high quality materials is required for the early stage optimization of performance in a lateral flow test. It is critical to have these materials on hand during this stage in a development process. Why spend hours on the phone to multiple material suppliers with large minimum order requirements? Use our customized Backing Card Starter Kit. Each kit is specifically designed and assembled for developers of lateral flow and flow through assays.

Backing Card Starter Kit

Includes multiple types of each material from the highest quality manufacturers. Kits include all required components in sufficient quantity to develop and optimise your lateral flow assay and complete prototypes.  The kit includes:

  • conjugate pads
  • cassettes
  • pouches
  • sample pads
  • cover tapes
  • backing cards
  • membranes

The kit contains sufficient materials to allow you to get through materials selection for your assay development program.

Part Number: KN-BK7
Price: € 1450.00


Our Starter Kit contains:

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