Kenosha Tapes | Capabilities


Today’s design and manufacturing environment has a “need for speed”.  If you are unable to research, design, prototype and scale up relatively quickly, the market opportunity could be either missed or replaced by newer technology.  This calls for a partner that responds today to your inquiries and not in a month.  We are that partner!

Medical Devices in general and especially in vitro diagnostic devices are constantly being improved whilst every year new healthcare devices are being released.  Each generation of healthcare POC device is aimed at higher accuracy, improved result interpretation, easier, faster and more convenient use by the patient. A driving force is to enable near patient testing at home rather than in the hospital.  Afterall, apart from the higher hospital costs, there is a high risk of acquiring infections in hospitals.

Industrial Applications

KENOSHA offers a wide range of high performance and heavy duty adhesive splicing tape products to manufacturers and converters of flexible packaging substrates such as; Tyvek®, non-wovens, paper, alu-foil, board, release paper and films.

Medical Applications

KENOSHA provides specialty adhesive film, laminated and/or printed combined with sub-assembly manufacturing services to cost effectively meet the manufacturing and packaging requirements of medical device manufacturers.  Lateral Flow Rapid Tests, CGM adhesives, IVD Components.

We invest in our customer projects by offering small quantity of product, often at a limited loss, just to enable projects get off the ground.  When your business takes off, so does ours!

We additionally allocate time and effort in medical start up companies.  We all need to contribute to and encourage imagination and creativity.  Challenging new applications have a positive impact on our ever expanding capabilities.