Kenosha Tapes | Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for General info and recommendations on KN-2211™ adhesive

Backing Cards & Backing Rolls:
Cards / Rolls can be 20 mm to 150 mm wide x 100 meters long (or more).  E.g. 60 mm x 100 meters.
Backing card length is usually 300 mm, however, any other size can be made. E.g. 60mm x 300 mm.
Tolerances: Card and/or Roll Width: +/- 0.35 mm. Card Length: +/- 2.0 mm

Rotary Tools
Why do we need a rotary die-cutting tool?
For accuracy and clean edge cutting.  Hard and thick plastic is very tough to cut without hardened, solid steel tools.

Cover Tapes, Supply Format:
Typically in rolls of 100 meters (longer upon request)
Roll size: almost any size between 5.00 mm to 200 mm x 100 meters (or more)
Printed or Unprinted, Clear or White
MOQ:  5 rolls = 500 meters
Can be supplied in any sheet size too,  if required
Cover Tape Roll Width Tolerance:
Standard:  +/- 1.00 mm
Custom:  +/- 0.65 mm (at higher price, due to slower process)