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Frequently Asked Questions

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Backing Cards, Supply Format:
Backings are supplied either in rolls or in cards.  Almost any size possible.  
Rolls can be 20 mm to 150 mm wide x 100 meters long (or more)
Backing card length is frequently 300 mm, however, any other size can be made 


Splices (joins) in a Backing Card Roll:  If nothing is specified on number of acceptable splices, we may have max up to 2 splices in a 100 meter roll in 15% of a total production batch.  Usually 1 splice is the norm in a minority of the rolls.
We can make rolls splice free only at a higher price point to compensate for higher waste as some rolls will need to be disposed off if they do not meet the criteria.
Another option is to have no splices but allow some rolls to be shorter, meaning to say….we have a roll that has a defect after 60 meters, we stop and consider that roll complete rather than splice it, to achieve 100 meters.
Typically you could expect 1 splice in 15% of the total rolls shipped.
This is something we need to agree upon upfront and quote accordingly.


Tolerances on Slitting width
Typical slitting width tolerance using a solid rotary die is:  +/- 0.35 mm.   Roll length:  +/- 3 meters, Card length: +/- 2.00 mm
Adjustable Rotary Die
An adjustable die has limitations.  Although it is suitable for runs of up to +/- 50 meters (above that it is too slow), the minimum spacing between the blades is 12 mm.   This means we cannot place back splits too close to each other with an adjustable die.
A solid rotary tool does not have the spacers inbetween, just the cutting blades.   This gives us almost unlimited configurations.
Why do we need a rotary die-cutting tool?
For accuracy and clean edge cutting.  Hard and thick plastic is very tough to cut without hardened, solid steel tools.
Cover Tapes, Supply Format:
Typically in rolls of 100 meters (longer upon request)
Roll size: almost any size between 5.00 mm to 200 mm x 100 meters (or more)
Printed or Unprinted, Clear or White
MOQ:  3 rolls = 300 meters
Can be supplied in any sheet size too,  if required
Cover Tape Roll Width Tolerance:
Standard:  +/- 1.00 mm
Custom:  +/- 0.65 mm (at higher price, due to slower process)